WE-25 Specifications:

  •       WE-25 is a Motion Controller and Servo Amplifier on a single board

  •       PC104 BUS

  •      20 pin Input/Output BUS

  •      LM629 Motion Controller accepts Position, Velocity and Acceleration commands from either the PC104 or 20 pin

         It outputs ISOLATED PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) and DIRECTION signals to the H Bridge

  •      MOSFET H Bridge rated at 12Amp output via discreet ISOLATED MOSFETS 46V DC BUS input required

  •      DB9 supplies +5V to Encoder and accepts Encoder feedback signals

  •      8¬†bit Digital ISOLATED CURRENT SENSE output to either PC104 or 20 pin BUS

  •      OVERCURRENT¬†LED and shutdown output

  •      REGENERATION LED and shutdown output

  •      Watchdog Failsafe timer

  •      All IC'S socketed for ease of replacement

  •      Power supply protected with 3AG Fuses